Photo by: Terna Jogo @ternajogo/@b.a.d__concept


Make space, a collaboration between photography students at @lcclondon, @captureone Raw Talent, @b.a.d__concept and @contentlablondon.

Shooting at @kingswood.arts, a Victorian mansion in South London, new talent in photography, fashion, and music worked with photographer and editor Terna Jogo @ternajogo to create editorials for UK music acts @yiigaa, @ginnsoul and @gj.the caesar.

GINNSOUL- ‘The Crown’ 

This photoshoot/film delves into the journey of a young artist who discovers a sense of belonging and identity within his heritage amidst unfamiliar surroundings. Ginn's embrace of his roots is represented by the presence of the Ugandan flag prominently displayed in the elegant setting of a stately home. His connection to his homeland and aspirations for the future are embodied by a woman who serves as a beacon of comfort and assurance.

The visual narrative captures Ginn's internal evolution as he sheds feelings of displacement and embraces a newfound sense of self-assurance and belonging. Through his distinctive clothing style, personalised use of space, and unique decor choices, Ginn now exudes a sense of ownership and empowerment within his environment. With the presence of a partner by his side, he no longer navigates life in isolation but rather thrives within a community and commands authority over his surroundings.
Video by : Ali Mohamed @photobomb__16


Photo by: Terna Jogo @ternajogo/@b.a.d__concept

Project Coordinators Terna Jogo @shooter_terns for @b.a.d__concept, D.wiafe @_d.wiafe & Adrian Wood @adrianwoodphoto for @contentlablondon

LCC Photography students @ninaveech, @blumenkron and @kushagraanandofficial 
Artist Ginnsoul @ginnsoul of @recordheadsofficial
Photography Khaya Clarke @khaya_amore, Lattina DaCosta
Video Ali Mohamed @photobomb__16
Producer Kassandra Lauren Gordon @kassandragordonlondon
Love Interest Xanthus Peters @k.jcaptures
MUA Vanessa Nakalanzi @glownessax
Hair Oyinkansola Fujah @icy_queen97 from @celebraidsuk
Stylist Feya Lanice @bratlanice
Stylist Assistant Nicole Lloyd @nicolemahrie
Set Design Garmai Washington @gkwdesign
Set Design Assistant Esther Oluwaremilekun @remsdesigns
Production Assistant Tati El Mallah @tatimallah
Interview by Christine Ubochi @ubxchi
Flag Artwork Tamia Stone-Martin @23teemoney
Gaffer Kushagra Aanand @kushagraanandofficial
BTS Photography Ana Blumenkron @blumenkron, D.wiafe @_d.wiafe & Adrian Wood @adrianwoodphoto
BTS Video Kushagra Aanand @kushagraanandofficial
Graphic Design William Sousa @wc_sousa
Special Thanks Jack Hartshorn and Martin Bamidele at @kingswood.arts, @lcclondonphoto and Hakeem Osman @hakeemosman, Gabija Morkunaite @gabija.morkunaite and Maria Miron @maryamiron at @captureone
Supported by LCC EDI, PARC, T&L
Designers: @bratlanicevintage @kassandragordonlondon @villageboy256 @contemporarywarobe @officialrhysellis @cache.London @designsbybvl