Inspired by personal archives, this project explores the concept of family lineage, memory, and identity. The focus of the project is on my great-grandfather. A person whom I have never met. He is a presence throughout photo albums, but with so few images it is difficult for me to get any sense of him. 

I decided to find out who he was, and conversations had with family members have allowed me to delve into this presence in my history. They were able to recall memories of him, and through these, I have gained a better understanding of where I’ve come from and the person he once was.

Collating this journey has allowed me to create my own version of who he was, building a relationship I once thought I would never have.

Roots Revealed, is a visual collation of my journey in discovering who my great-grandfather was. 
It includes family archival images, newly developed images and personal stories. 

Through my great-grandmother (Iona), great-uncle (Ian), grandmother (Sharon), and mother (Keisha)  being able to share their memories and perceptions of him, I have been able to forge a meaningful connection with him.